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Creative Spirit Learning Center

Welcome to Play-School

About Us

Our Values


To create a community where everyone feels equally important and valued. In our volunteer-rich program, children learn through self-directed play, which naturally strengthens their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.


Play matters. Allowing our children to learn through play teaches them that they are valued. Through a peaceful child-lead environment, we foster growth of the whole child while promoting social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.   


 We provide both an inside and outside play-based mixed-age preschool classroom for children ages three through six that allows each child to express themselves in the form of messy self directed art, construction, music, pretend, science, language, math and an abundant amount of sensory activities. At Creative Spirit, community and family are deeply valued; We have therefore chosen to maintain a volunteer rich program. Family is a valuable and trusted resource both in our classroom, and out. Each parent (or their designee) can volunteer as a “helper” in the classroom a minimum of two times per month. In class responsibilities include play supervision, snack prep and service, and classroom upkeep. Families who are able to fulfill the in class volunteer days will receive a tuition break.  Every family is responsible for bringing both a healthy/balanced snack and homemade play-dough several times throughout the school year. We also appreciate parent input in areas above and beyond, for example gardening or event planning. 

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Rates and Daily schedule

Morning Preschool

9:00 Doors open, drop-off begins

9:45 Gathering 

10-11 Snack available

12:00 Pick-up

Afternoon Preschool

12:45 Doors open, drop-off begins

1:30 Gathering 

1:45-2:45 Snack available 

3:45 Pick-up

Monthly Rates

In-Class Volunteer         Non-Volunteer

2 days/week $225        2 days/week $300

3 days/week $335        3 days/week $450 

5 days/week $555        5 days/week $735  

Enrollment Documents



Parent Handbook (pdf)


2019 CSLC Admission Agreement (return) (pdf)


LIC Forms (return) (zip)


Photo Release (return) (pdf)


Emergency Quick Reference (return) (pdf)


2019 CSLC School Closures (pdf)


Livescan (pdf)