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Creative Spirit Learning Center

Welcome to Play-School

Play is the work of childhood. -Piaget 

About Creative Spirit

Play-Based Learning

We believe that allowing children to lead their own experiences promotes life long confidence and a deep love for learning. Learning through play is a term used in education to describe how a child learns to make sense of the world around them. Through play, children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences (like reading, writing, math, and science). They will bravely enter into new environments like elementary school or clubs and sports. There are a wealth of psychologists and theorists including Piaget, Bruner, Vygotsky, Isaacs,  Froebel and McMillan who have all documented a variety of research supporting the effectiveness of play based learning. We strive to create a diverse environment, where each child feels important and recognized.  

Our Classroom

 We provide both an inside and outside play-based preschool classroom that allows each child to express themselves in the form of messy self directed art, construction, music, pretend, science, language, math and an abundant amount of sensory activities. At CSLC, community and family are deeply valued; we have therefore chosen to maintain a volunteer rich program. Family is a valuable and trusted resource both in our classroom, and out. Each parent (or their designee) can volunteer as a “helper” in the classroom a minimum of two times per month. In class responsibilities include play supervision, snack prep and service, and classroom upkeep. Families who are able to fulfill the in class volunteer days will receive a tuition break.  Every family is responsible for bringing both a healthy/balanced snack and homemade play-dough several times throughout the school year. We also appreciate parent input in areas above and beyond, for example gardening or event planning.

Ambassadors of play

Ms. Aubrey and Ms. Nicole

 Ms. Nicole and Ms. Aubrey grew up as childhood acquaintances. Our paths crossed again in 2010 where we found ourselves having coffee and conversation with the best group of friends. We got to know each other again, and learned of our mutual love for Early Childhood Education and the uncanny parallels between our journeys in life. Collectively we have taught for almost 20 years, the majority at centers whose philosophies differed from our own core beliefs. These previous programs had expectations that encompassed adult agendas disguised as the child's best interest. We both finally got to a point where we had copied enough Dittos and told enough children to not be children. We realized that going against the grain didn't build the firm foundation children actually thrived from. Through many trials and tribulations we opened Creative Spirit Learning Center in early 2016 and proudly embraced the title of Ambassadors of Play! Nicole and Aubrey have become the best of friends, and constantly thank our lucky stars that we still like each other. :D We, (together and separately) spend our free time with family and live for adventures.

Ambassadors of play

Ms. Brianna

My name is Brianna. I have a Bachelors in Art and Design, concentration in photography. I still enjoy taking pictures, but I truly feel working directly with children and being able to guide the next generation was more my calling. I moved to Folsom and began aiding in a classroom setting in January 2017. Since then my passion for preschool has grown leading me back to school to further my education in Early Childhood Education. It was here I learned about how children develop and found a connection with Creative Spirit Learning Center. In my spare time I enjoy being active whether at the gym, hiking or spending time at the lake. I live for adventure always seeking to find new places to explore! 

Ms. Krystal

My name is Krystal, and I am a wife and mother to two beautiful girls. I recently joined the Creative Spirit family. When my girls began attending preschool, I found that I enjoyed volunteering at the school and found satisfaction in working with the kids. As my kids have now moved onto Elementary school I have decided to go back to work and pursue a new career path in Early Childhood Education.  I was fortunate to find Creative Spirit Learning Center as their beliefs are parallel to my own.  

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, coaching my daughters’ soccer team, gardening, and getting away on the occasional evening with my husband.  

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Creative Spirit Learning Center

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